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The Role Of Micro-Influencers On Instagram (+ Expert Tips)

The Role Of Micro-Influencers On Instagram (+ Expert Tips)

Instagram is an ideal platform for brands and marketers with the power to win the audience’s hearts, with nearly 2 billion active users. The engagement rate of audiences on Instagram is higher compared to other social media platforms. So brands looking forward to improve their online presence choose Instagram to be widespread among their target audiences.

Are you brand new to Instagram and waiting for greater reach? The best solution is to approach influencers to promote your brand and gain a massive follower base quickly. There are three types of influencers such as macro, micro, and nano influencers, in which approaching micro-influencers will be a budget-friendly one for your brand.

What Are Micro-Influencers?

Micro-influencers are the best creators on Instagram, with about 1000 to 100,000 potential followers in their accounts. But all those followers have massive trust in the particular micro-influencer. The role of micro-influencers is to shoot and showcase your content to potential niche audiences on Instagram. The approach of micro-influencers is the same as macro-influencers, but the only difference is the type of audience they reach. 

Though micro-influencers have fewer followers compared to macros, they always concentrate on promoting your brand with authentic content and taking your marketing growth to the next level. Moreover, micro-influencers consider Instagram as a home to create authentic content, which helps brands to find the right one that fits best to their budget.

Why Brands Choose Micro-Influencers On Instagram?

A recent study states that brands on Instagram worked with 70% of micro-influencers. As a result, 67% of brands state that the micro-influencers on Instagram are best to promote their products and services with their authentic content. However, Instagram is a perfect medium for brands to combine with potential influencers to gain incredible engagement. 

Here are the reasons why brands go with micro-influencers on Instagram:

#1. Boosts Engagement Rate

Micro-influencers have fewer followers than macro-influencers, but the engagement rate obtained by micro-influencers is unreachable. Audiences trust micro-influencers because they only deliver the most engaged and loyal content to build a strong connection with their potential audience. 

If you are brand new to Instagram and struggling to boost your engagement rate, approach niche-relevant micro-influencers to begin your reputation. Combining with micro-influencers having your target audiences will build a strong community towards your brand.

#2. Build Credibility

Most people on Instagram believe the words of influencers and make their decision to purchase. So, when your brand combines with micro-influencers and gives a brand voice, your target audiences start to believe in your content and build a strong trust,

Even with low followers count, micro-influencers help to grow your views and likes by posting content on reels, stories, and IGTV. Most audiences prefer to watch short videos on the Instagram platform. Relying on influencers to create content can get views to explode limitlessly for your Instagram reels videos encouraging them to glance at your other posts as well. This leads to increased brand credibility and trust among more customers.

#3. Attain Sustainable Growth

Micro-influencers remain a tool to build your brand reputation by posting authentic content. When your target audiences find your brand on the account with trustworthy content, it helps to enhance your growth to a greater extent. The massive advantage of micro-influencers is it boosts your audience engagement with a higher conversion rate.

The partnership with influencers provides a strong online presence to your brand with less budget and gains gradual growth.

4 Tips To Find Instagram Micro-Influencers

Combining with the right influencers is essential to reach your potential audiences and get successful brand growth. Follow the below ways to make it possible:

  • Get the benefit of hashtags: Searching with the relevant word or hashtags helps to find the right influencer suitable for your brand.

  • Take a look at your followers: Considering your follower list may help to find the right influencers because any of your audiences may follow a potential influencer relevant to your niche.

  • View your influencer’s followers: Micro-influencers not only have to follow the audiences but also other influencers in their niche. If you find them more interesting, you may also combine them with those micro-influencers in your niche.

  • Use search tools: More than the above methods, there are more search tools to find the right influencer relevant to your niche.


Whether you are a small business or a startup, build a strong brand reputation on Instagram with the help of micro-influencers. Combining with micro-influencers is more beneficial and budget-friendly to gain a strong online presence. With the above tips, start to work with the perfect micro-influencers to get loyal audiences for your brand.

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